I am using offline.js in a mobile web project. In the specific environment I am running in, the script seems to be a little over-zealous in reporting that the connection to the server is lost. How do I go about modifying it to allow the server a longer time to respond?

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    Did you have a look at the documentation? github.hubspot.com/offline – Felix Kling Sep 30 '15 at 20:23
  • Yes. It didn't have anything regarding timeout. Having now read Ori Dori's answer, I see that the timeout is a property of the XHR request. – Rob Mason Sep 30 '15 at 20:46

Try to set the check in Offline.options with the required xhr:

Offline.options = {
    checks : {
        xhr : {
            url : function () {
                return "/favicon.ico?_=" + ((new Date()).getTime());
            timeout : 10000, // change this to the timeout you need
            type : 'HEAD'

Check the source at line 28 for the defaults. You can see the way to set the checks under the Checking header in the documentation.


Consider this:

Options (any can be provided as a function), with their defaults:

  // Should we check the connection status immediatly on page load.
  checkOnLoad: false,

  // Should we monitor AJAX requests to help decide if we have a connection.
  interceptRequests: true,

  // Should we automatically retest periodically when the connection is down (set to false to disable).
  reconnect: {
    // **How many seconds should we wait before rechecking**.
    initialDelay: 3,

    // **How long should we wait between retries**.
    delay: (1.5 * last delay, capped at 1 hour)

  // Should we store and attempt to remake requests which fail while the connection is down.
  requests: true,

  // Should we show a snake game while the connection is down to keep the user entertained?
  // It's not included in the normal build, you should bring in js/snake.js in addition to
  // offline.min.js.
  game: false

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