I've read this github issue stating:

there isn't a main file to be in the main.

I have modernizr 3.0.0 installed automatically as a dependency of Foundation 5.5.2 and am trying to build my project with Brunch.

When running brunch build I get the following error:

Error: Component JSON file "/path/to/brunch-test/bower_components/modernizr/.bower.json" must havemainproperty. See https://github.com/paulmillr/read-components#README

So following the read-components issue, I am trying to override modernizr's main in my root bower.json but not sure how to go about it as there's no simple compiled modernizr.js present.

I know modernizr is meant to be customized, and indeed the modernizr 3 release news state there is a really cool solution of dynamically creating a custom package that can be installed via bower but I'm unable to find information about this?


Ok, I figured it out.

So my directory tree is something along the lines of (simplified):

|-- bower.json
|-- bower_components
  |-- modernizr
    |-- bin
      |-- modernizr

I went into bower_components/modernizr and ran npm install to get the dependencies required to run the bin/modernizr builder.

Then I went to their website to pick out the features I required: https://modernizr.com/download?setclasses

Next, I clicked Build and downloaded the Command Line Config which I placed at the root directory of my project as modernizr-config.json.

Then I ran bin/modernizr -c ../../modernizr-config.json which placed a custom built modernizr.js in /bower_components/modernizr/modernizr.js

Finally, in my root bower.json, I added (following the read components issue:

"overrides": {
  "modernizr": {
    "main": "modernizr.js"

and brunch build is running beautifully now.

  • Thanks for the info - I thought by the statement they made, you would be able to use Bower exclusively, but having to manually build Modernizr beforehand adds unwanted complexity – u01jmg3 Oct 2 '15 at 9:58
  • Same here, hoped they'd have bower "on the go" support, but alas. – Tschallacka Jan 17 '17 at 21:34

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