All I want to do is group by the DateEntered and Role and get the counts. The below code works, but groups on the full date down to to the second. I need to it to just group by the day (MM/DD/YYYY)

Also I would like to use Lambda expressions.

Thank you in advanced.

var group = new BsonDocument { 
            { "_id", new BsonDocument 
                    { "DateEntered", "$DateEntered" }, 
                    { "Role", "$Role" }, 
            { "Count", new BsonDocument("$sum", 1) } 

var result = _collection.Aggregate()

I found the answer from this example Mongodb aggregate not grouping documents by date

            var group = new BsonDocument { { "_id", new BsonDocument 
                                             { "Month", new BsonDocument("$month", "$DateEntered") }, 
                                             { "Day", new BsonDocument("$dayOfMonth", "$DateEntered") }, 
                                             { "Year", new BsonDocument("$year", "$DateEntered") }, 
                                             { "Role", "$Role" }, 
                                         }, { "Count", new BsonDocument("$sum", 1) } };
  • This saved my life but what about group by only date part of it. Is there any way to achive this? – Ozan BAYRAM Feb 22 '19 at 5:54

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