i am creating a youtube chrome extension and try to load extension from background page automatically when any youtube video or channel page open but extension will not load untill i refresh same page again. i am using chrome.tabs.onUpdated.addListener to fire my script. i am already given tab permission on menifest.json file here is my background.js file is as

function checkForValidUrl(tabId, change, tab) {

if (change.status == 'loading' && change) {

//check for url is valid or not...and then load html through javascript

} }


thanks in advance.......

Detecting hash changes should work: WindowEventHandlers.onhashchange

I use it for checking to see if an email was opened in Gmail. Gmail also changes the URL similar to how Youtube does.

Example using your function name:

window.addEventListener("hashchange", checkForValidUrl, true);

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