I am using Spring Boot for my application. Due to a particular need, I have my own Servlet class that extends from the Spring DispatcherServlet. (And I am pretty sure that I won't be the first one that is doing this.)

Everything worked fine until I tried adding authentication/authorization. I setup the authentication/authorization as shown here:


I use the @PreAuthorize annotations on my REST controller methods to restrict access based on the type of operation such as GET/POST.

I get the error: "AuthenticationObject not found in SecurityContextHolder" when I try to POST something. What I did next was compare my application and a working Spring Boot Security example (as in the example above) by stepping through it to see what is happening. I discovered that in the working example, before the doService method of the DispatcherServlet is being invoked, filters such as BasicAuthenticationFilter and others come into the picture. I don't see these filters getting invoked in my application.

Due to the filters not being invoked I don't see the user information or the session-id in the request object at all in my application. I do see that in the working example though. Moreover, I see that in the working example, the request and response objects gets wrapped in a SecurityContextHolder Wrapper from the filter. Since filters don't get invoked in my application, the request/response objects never get wrapped. I suspect that the above error is related to this.

I guess that since I have my own Servlet class that extends the Spring Servlet, it is in essence saying to Spring that I will take control from there. This also means that I will have to do everything that normally Spring does for me.

My questions are :

  • At what point in Spring Boot do the filters get invoked and how do I achieve this in my application before the request reaches my custom Servlet?

  • Do I have to inject them as Beans into my Main class ? And in what order should they be invoked?

Thanks again,

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    Just for curiosity - what need made you extend DispatcherServlet? Spring is built in a way that most likely you should not need to do that. – Maciej Walkowiak Oct 2 '15 at 7:31

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