I'm trying to take a single file object and split it into chunks by a specified chunk size. In my example, trying to split a single file into 1MB chunks. So I figure out how many chunks it would take, then I'm trying to slice the file starting from the 'offset' (current chunk I'm on * chunk size), and slicing off a chunk size. My first slice comes out properly at 1MB but my subsequent slices turn out to 0, any ideas why? Have a working codepen here:


var file = $('#uploadFile')[0].files[0];
  var chunkSize = 1024 * 1024;
  var fileSize = file.size;
  var chunks = Math.ceil(file.size/chunkSize,chunkSize);
  var chunk = 0;

  console.log('file size..',fileSize);

  while (chunk <= chunks) {
      var offset = chunk*chunkSize;
      console.log('current chunk..', chunk);
      console.log('offset...', chunk*chunkSize);
      console.log('file blob from offset...', offset)
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    Your codepen seems to be working for me. One difference between your codepen and the code above is that your codepen correctly says: file.slice(offset, offset + chunkSize) instead of file.slice(offset, chunkSize). Also you're producing an empty blob at the end, because your while condition should be while (chunk < chunks). Oct 1, 2015 at 23:20
  • Yeah I updated the codepen with the solution below, working great. Thanks for looking! Oct 1, 2015 at 23:25

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Was slicing off the wrong ends:


should have been


Use The function below to split a big file into multiple chunks. I have used it with react, it's works.

  createChunks = (file,cSize/* cSize should be byte 1024*1 = 1KB */) => {
   let startPointer = 0;
   let endPointer = file.size;
   let chunks = [];
    let newStartPointer = startPointer+cSize;
    startPointer = newStartPointer;
   return chunks;
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    Hi Fuad, am currently facing the issue of uploading large files, please can you throw more light on how I can split big file into multiple and upload to an endpoint that accept chunks upload Jul 14, 2021 at 21:24
  • wow very clean solution good day sir :)
    – Un1xCr3w
    Apr 27 at 11:57

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