I am trying to use Git with Netbeans. My command for cloning is

git clone git+ssh://git@git.renater.fr:2222/simol.git

with no passphrase. I have tried many different configurations but I don't managed to clone my repository. For example, for the repository url I choose:


with 'git' as username and no passphrase. I get the following error message:

Incorrect credentials for repository at git+ssh://git.renater.fr:2222/simol.git

What am I doing wrong?



Surprinsigly, it worked after rerunning Netbeans. I read this solution of some forums but I thought it was not possible. Especially, the syntax git+ssh is of course correct and understood by Netbeans.

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The format for the URL is not git+ssh it is either ssh://user@server/project.git or user@server:project.git as described in Git - The Protocols (The SSH Protocol) of The Pro Git Book

Try :


Other possible problems include:

  • you haven't generated your SSH public key,
  • didn't not set it up on your server,
  • you are using a kind of public key not supported by the server or disabled on the client (~/.ssh/config ) Some of the older public key types are disabled by default on newer SSH servers or clients.
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