There is a need to quickly open the current directory from the command prompt. I know that there is a command explorer.

But to enter the full path to the directory is very inconvenient. 

For example:

exoplorer c:\progra~1\nodejs~1\worskp~1\project\module\convert

It works. But is that the faster you can open the folder with the mouse ... I think it's not right.

And this command:

explorer cd.

Opens My Documents. Although I am in a different directory.

Whether prompt me please!


You can try:

start .


explorer .

. is a shortcut for current directory.

In PowerShell command prompt:

ii .

ii is a shortcut for Invoke-Item.

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  • Late 2018 on Win7 Pro, "explorer ." results in error message about 64-bit... But "start ." works! Nov 28 '18 at 13:30

Use the . to indicate the current directory:

explorer .

Just to add to the answers above (tested on windows 10)

Open current directory

explorer .
explorer ...
explorer ....
explorer .......

start . 
start ...
start ....
start ........

Open subfolder of current directory

start .\subfolder
explorer .\subfolder

Open the parent directory of current directory

explorer ..
start ..

Navigate to another folder from the parent directory

start ..\another-folder
explorer ..\another-folder

Create a batch file (eg. c:\somepath\q.bat) with this line:

explorer .

Add it to your path (example shown will only work in the current console, add it to your System Properties->Advanced->Environment Variables to make it work anywhere):

set PATH=%PATH%;c:\somepath

Then open a command window and type


Then it should open the fastest way.

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