Why my method GetList() returns null after a linq statement?

public static List<MyType> GetListOfAllLocations()
    var DistinctList = ListWith25Elements.GroupBy(x => x.id).Select(y => y.First());

    return DistinctList as List<MyType>


foreach(MyType mt in GetListOfAllLocations())... // this is null?!?!
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    is typeof(IEnumerable<MyType>) == typeof(List<MyType)? – Matteo Umili Oct 2 '15 at 12:01
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    What is ListWith25Elements? What are the objects it contains? – DavidG Oct 2 '15 at 12:01

DistinctList is an IEnumerable<MyType>, to get it as a List<MyType> you have to do

return DistinctList.ToList();

I don't believe you have to use a list in this case at all. However if you need to load the values eagerly (either because you need to enumerate them several times, or because you are in a SQL context...) you will have to do:

var distinctList = listWith25Elements.GroupBy(x => x.id).Select(y => y.First());

return distinctList.ToList()

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