I am looking for a good way to loop through images in a folder of my website based on the URL in MVC5 razor.

The urls will be structured like this:

I added the following to my RouteConfig:

        name: "Gallery",
        url: "{controller}/Media/Photos/{action}/{galleryName}",
        defaults: new { controller = "Home", action = "Index", galleryName = UrlParameter.Optional }

I have the following in my HomeController:

public ActionResult Gallery(string galleryName)
    ViewBag.Message = galleryName;
    return View();

Now based on this ViewBag value 'galleryName' that is sent to my Gallery view I would like to loop through the following directory so I can get each image and display it for lightbox viewing:


I am not sure if I should do this looping directly in my view or in the Gallery ActionResult in my controller and then past a list of string containing all of the paths to the images. When I try it in the controller I keep having problems when using Directory.EnumerateFiles. It is searching with a path on my C drive. I need the path to be relative to my site. Something tells me I might need to create a virtual directory to use System.IO for this.


public ActionResult Gallery(string galleryName)
    string galleryPath = Path.Combine(this.Server.MapPath(@"~/Content/img/Media/Photos"), galleryName);
    var fullImagePaths = Directory.GetFiles(galleryPath);

    string sitePath = "~/Content/img/Media/Photos/";
    var imagePaths = fullImagePaths.Select(fp => sitePath + Path.GetFileName(fp));

    return View(imagePaths);

This produces a list of strings that can go right into an img src attribute: i.e. "~/Content/img/Media/Photos/myimage.jpg"


Use Server.MapPath in order to get the physical path of ~/Content/img/Media/Photos. Then combine it with the gallery name.

I would personally do that in your controller, providing a list of files to your view (possibly converted into some view model), but you could do it on your view as well:

public ActionResult Gallery(string galleryName)
    string galleryPath = Path.Combine(

    //loop through images in the gallery folder and create list of images
    var images = ...

    return View(images);
  • galleryPath ends up becoming: C:\Webapps\MyWebApp\MyWebApp\Content\img\Media\Photos\galleryName so when I try to loop through it using Directory.EnumerateFiles(galleryPath), it errors and says path cannot be found. – William Venice Oct 2 '15 at 16:57
  • Actually I had a typo in one of my folder names so the galleryName was not matching. Thank you! – William Venice Oct 2 '15 at 17:04

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