I have a database that contains multiple tables, and I am trying to import each table as a pandas dataframe. I can do this for a single table as follows:

import pandas as pd
import pandas.io.sql as psql
import pypyodbc

conn = pypyodbc.connect("DRIVER={SQL Server};\

df1 = psql.read_frame('SELECT * FROM dbo.table1', conn)

The number of tables in the database will change, and at any time I would like to be able to import each table into its own dataframe. How can I get all of these tables into pandas?


Depending on your SQL server, you can inspect the tables in a database.

For example:

tables_df = pd.read_sql('SELECT table_name FROM database_name', conn)

Now your table names are accessible as a pandas data frame, you just need to parse it out:

table_name_list = tables_df.table_name

select_template = 'SELECT * FROM {table_name}'
frames_dict = {}
for tname in table_name_list:
    query = select_template.format(table_name = tname)
    frames_dict[tname] = pd.read_sql(query, conn)

Your dictionary frames_dict contains all the dataframes with the table_name as the key

  • This works well, thanks! – petercj Oct 2 '15 at 17:25

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