I'm trying to get an existing .net webforms site to work behind Cloudfront but all the webforms break.

Looking deeper -- the site displays fine, but webforms break because the <script src="/WebResource.axd?[...]"> is completely missing. Not 404 -- missing -- the script tag is completely missing from the html response.

This seems to be that .NET sniffs browser and responds with a custom build of WebResource.axd for that particular browser+page.

If no browser match is found. No WebResource.axd.

Doing curl http://some-aspnet-webforms-site.example.com/form.aspx also seems to confirm this. No WebResource.axd included.

How do I get Cloudfront to spoof the end-user's browser so WebResource.axd gets included? (Forwarding cookies and querystring doesn't seem to work and forwarding all headers seems to break cloudfront.)

Or at the very least, how do I force .net to always inject/insert WebResource.axd even when sniffing fails?

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The solution was to edit the Cloudfront distribution > Behavior > .net webforms behavior -- and forward headers "Whitelist"; enter only User-Agent. And of course, forward cookies and optionally querystring.

enter image description here

It seems like WebResource is compiled purely based on user agent.

Specifically forwarding user-agent fixed the issue and webforms are back to working.

Forwarding "All" headers in Cloudfront was breaking something. I don't know what/where broke by forwarding all headers, but it gave generic AWS "Access Denied" xml error pages.


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