My Swift / iOS9 framework 'viewer_protocol' uses another and external Objective-C framework (CocoaAsyncSocket). I'm using Carthage to build CocoaAsyncSocket. So far everything works fine: In have an example App inside my framework Xcode Project using my framework without any problems.

Now I want to use my Framework in a different Xcode Project - although using Carthage. I include only my Framework as a dependency and Carthage automatically resolves the dependencies to CocoaAsyncSocket. I embedded both frameworks into this new Xcode Project and build my App: Everything works fine here - except one warning I can't rid off:

Umbrella header for module 'viewer_protocol' does not include header 'GCDAsyncSocket.h'

This is my framework header:

#import <UIKit/UIKit.h>

//! Project version number for viewer_protocol.
FOUNDATION_EXPORT double viewer_protocolVersionNumber;

//! Project version string for viewer_protocol.
FOUNDATION_EXPORT const unsigned char viewer_protocolVersionString[];

// In this header, you should import all the public headers of your framework     
using statements like #import <viewer_protocol/PublicHeader.h>
#import <CocoaAsyncSocket/CocoaAsyncSocket.h>

As you can see CocoaAsyncSocket.h is imported. Furthermore inside my framework the CocoaAsyncSocket.h file is included:

my framework's folder

What I am missing here? I'm using several others external frameworks inside my framework, there're no warnings for them - all of these external frameworks are written in Swift - CocoaAsyncSocket is pure Objective-C.

This is my frameworks module.modulemap:

 framework module viewer_protocol {
   umbrella header "viewer_protocol.h"

   export *
   module * { export * }

 module viewer_protocol.Swift {
     header "viewer_protocol-Swift.h"


I found a solution: Changing the import statement in my framework header from

#import <CocoaAsyncSocket/CocoaAsyncSocket.h>


#import "CocoaAsyncSocket/CocoaAsyncSocket.h"

Now Xcode finds the header file and the warning disappears.

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I had the same issue today

issue was

Umbrella header for module 'HockeySDK' does not include header 'BITHockeyBaseViewController.h'

and the solution was

1.build and run project and go-to Report Navigator

2.look at the warning, click to expand details

it will so you the file name where you need to make change as you can seen in below screen shot

enter image description here

So i just updated my import statement in AppDelegate.m file


#import "HockeySDK/HockeySDK.h"


#import <HockeySDK/HockeySDK.h>

and issue gone..

hope this will help someone. who are coming here for solution.

  • The same for me but in my case the problem was Twitter.SDK. Thanks for you response! – MarMass Nov 16 '16 at 9:19
  • i had the same issue with UnityAds SDK. i was doing #import "UnityAds/UnityAds.h" instead of #import <UnityAds/UnityAds.h> – Radu Ursache Jun 26 '17 at 23:22
  • Excellent explanation - thanks! – nurider Nov 18 '17 at 15:42

I recently ran into same issue. Apparently I had header file set as public in target membership, but it was not exposed in umbrella header. Fixed issue by making header file with project access instead of public.

  • This solved my problem in this case! – CristiC Apr 18 '17 at 8:47
  • This should have way more upvotes. Fixing the header's privacy setting is a far better solution than importing something you don't need. – Max Dec 13 '17 at 21:36
  • This worked for me as well. I could not actually make mine public as suggested above, because it included C++ stuff that Swift could not handle. : – Joe Steele Sep 27 '18 at 17:39
  • I feel like this is the answer they were getting at when they wrote the error message. Thanks for putting it into actionable words! – Ben Leggiero Feb 13 at 22:46

For me the solution was as follows:

1) Each Objective C framework has 1 header file that contains all the:

#import ...
#import ...
#import ...

2) Make sure that this file imports the missing header.

3) Build the project again, it should remove the warning.


I had the same issue. Seemed to be related to old build files.

The standard Xcode problem fixer worked for me:

  1. Clean project
  2. Deleted derived data
  3. Restart Xcode
  • On XCode 8 I had the same issue and only this worked. Cleaning not, needed to delete the derived data. – poima Jan 13 '17 at 15:23
  • I cleaned the build folder(option+cmd+shift+K) and builded again. Warning disappeared. – techgentsia Jun 12 '18 at 11:49

Just for completeness if your header is set to public in :

Build Phases > Headers

You should either

Include the import in your main header as others have mentioned


Move that header to "private" if it doesn't need to be exposed


Alternatively, you may have exposed files within the Public area of your framework's build phases that should actually be moved back to the Project area.

If you don't want those files to be within your framework's umbrella header so they're publicly accessible, you can revert this.

Goto Framework -> Target -> Build Phases and drag to move the unnecessary header files from Public to Project.


  • awsome. u save me – Kernelzero Oct 19 '18 at 2:22

We got this recently and it was due to corruption in DerivedData. Deleting that folder fixed the problem.

  • This worked for me. – Jayant Dash Jun 28 '18 at 2:13

Take a look at this post:

@import vs #import - iOS 7

It goes over the concepts of the new module importing. I had my own custom framework and after adopting the new method to import objective-c framework

old: #import <MyFramework/MyFramework.h>

new: @import MyFramework;

it took care of the warning/


For others : In my case I already move the headers I want to expose from my framework, from "project" to "public" (Build phases of the framework target)

Then Xcode gave my this warning.

Xcode is telling us that we also need to add #import "name of header in the warning> in the public header file that was created with framework, so the clients (of the framework) will know this header.

So The Fix:
1.go to the framework public header file.(the one what created by xcode when you created the framework) .
2. add #import "the-name-of-the-header-in-the-warning.h"

  • This is the best, simplest distillation of the solution. Thanks! – Ben Leggiero Feb 11 at 21:37

trying to fix a archive build error led me to this error and post

my solution was real simple but took forever for me to figure out.

  • when i ran $ pod install it generated a workspace for me in the same dir as my .xcodeproj file.
  • however i had already created a workspace to use as its parent directory.
  • so then i simply deleted my old workspace and went with the one that pods created

enter image description here

hope this helps someone! glhf!


For me the fix was rather simple, commit all your changes and build again. The warning disappeared.

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