I have the latest docker installation (without boot2docker) and I am unable to connect to a dockerized redis instance running locally. Could you please tell me what I'm doing wrong here?

Created the docker, mapped port 6379 to

bash-3.2$ docker run -p  --name webmonitor-redis -d redis

docker ps output:

bash-3.2$ docker ps
CONTAINER ID        IMAGE               COMMAND                  CREATED             STATUS              PORTS                      NAMES
3291541d58ab        redis               "/entrypoint.sh redis"   14 seconds ago      Up 6 seconds>6379/tcp   webmonitor-redis

Tried connecting from outside container (but the same host where container is running), connection failed:

bash-3.2$ ./src/redis-cli
Could not connect to Redis at Connection refused
not connected> exit

It works if I try to connect from another container though..

bash-3.2$ docker run -it --link webmonitor-redis:redis --rm redis sh -c 'exec redis-cli -h "$REDIS_PORT_6379_TCP_ADDR" -p "$REDIS_PORT_6379_TCP_PORT"'> 

Here's the docker inspect for the container:

bash-3.2$ docker inspect 3291541d58ab
    "Id": "3291541d58ab16c362f9e0cd7017d179c0bc9aef3a1323e79f1e1ca075e171c9",
    "Created": "2015-10-03T15:48:17.818355794Z",
    "Path": "/entrypoint.sh",
    "Args": [
    "State": {
        "Running": true,
        "Paused": false,
        "Restarting": false,
        "OOMKilled": false,
        "Dead": false,
        "Pid": 7769,
        "ExitCode": 0,
        "Error": "",
        "StartedAt": "2015-10-03T15:48:17.954436198Z",
        "FinishedAt": "0001-01-01T00:00:00Z"
    "Image": "2f2578ff984f013c9a5d6cbb6fe061ed3f73a17380a4c9b53b76d4b8da3eda7d",
    "NetworkSettings": {
        "Bridge": "",
        "EndpointID": "b787e46d1219f36d4f1b1ea35c5f750f7174221137fb01889a26a3bc1e1c6aee",
        "Gateway": "",
        "GlobalIPv6Address": "",
        "GlobalIPv6PrefixLen": 0,
        "HairpinMode": false,
        "IPAddress": "",
        "IPPrefixLen": 16,
        "IPv6Gateway": "",
        "LinkLocalIPv6Address": "",
        "LinkLocalIPv6PrefixLen": 0,
        "MacAddress": "02:42:ac:11:00:08",
        "NetworkID": "30176c9c7c14a6a052af784014832a0c52b5966089d7bcfe535041569e6bb1c9",
        "PortMapping": null,
        "Ports": {
            "6379/tcp": [
                    "HostIp": "",
                    "HostPort": "6379"
        "SandboxKey": "/var/run/docker/netns/3291541d58ab",
        "SecondaryIPAddresses": null,
        "SecondaryIPv6Addresses": null
    "ResolvConfPath": "/mnt/sda1/var/lib/docker/containers/3291541d58ab16c362f9e0cd7017d179c0bc9aef3a1323e79f1e1ca075e171c9/resolv.conf",
    "HostnamePath": "/mnt/sda1/var/lib/docker/containers/3291541d58ab16c362f9e0cd7017d179c0bc9aef3a1323e79f1e1ca075e171c9/hostname",
    "HostsPath": "/mnt/sda1/var/lib/docker/containers/3291541d58ab16c362f9e0cd7017d179c0bc9aef3a1323e79f1e1ca075e171c9/hosts",
    "LogPath": "/mnt/sda1/var/lib/docker/containers/3291541d58ab16c362f9e0cd7017d179c0bc9aef3a1323e79f1e1ca075e171c9/3291541d58ab16c362f9e0cd7017d179c0bc9aef3a1323e79f1e1ca075e171c9-json.log",
    "Name": "/webmonitor-redis",
    "RestartCount": 0,
    "Driver": "aufs",
    "ExecDriver": "native-0.2",
    "MountLabel": "",
    "ProcessLabel": "",
    "AppArmorProfile": "",
    "ExecIDs": null,
    "HostConfig": {
        "Binds": null,
        "ContainerIDFile": "",
        "LxcConf": [],
        "Memory": 0,
        "MemorySwap": 0,
        "CpuShares": 0,
        "CpuPeriod": 0,
        "CpusetCpus": "",
        "CpusetMems": "",
        "CpuQuota": 0,
        "BlkioWeight": 0,
        "OomKillDisable": false,
        "MemorySwappiness": -1,
        "Privileged": false,
        "PortBindings": {
            "6379/tcp": [
                    "HostIp": "",
                    "HostPort": "6379"
        "Links": null,
        "PublishAllPorts": false,
        "Dns": null,
        "DnsSearch": null,
        "ExtraHosts": null,
        "VolumesFrom": null,
        "Devices": [],
        "NetworkMode": "default",
        "IpcMode": "",
        "PidMode": "",
        "UTSMode": "",
        "CapAdd": null,
        "CapDrop": null,
        "GroupAdd": null,
        "RestartPolicy": {
            "Name": "no",
            "MaximumRetryCount": 0
        "SecurityOpt": null,
        "ReadonlyRootfs": false,
        "Ulimits": null,
        "LogConfig": {
            "Type": "json-file",
            "Config": {}
        "CgroupParent": "",
        "ConsoleSize": [
    "GraphDriver": {
        "Name": "aufs",
        "Data": null
    "Mounts": [
            "Name": "643a80cbd7a50cfd481acc48721b34030c8ce55ba64ac3bc161d5b330c9374d2",
            "Source": "/mnt/sda1/var/lib/docker/volumes/643a80cbd7a50cfd481acc48721b34030c8ce55ba64ac3bc161d5b330c9374d2/_data",
            "Destination": "/data",
            "Driver": "local",
            "Mode": "",
            "RW": true
    "Config": {
        "Hostname": "3291541d58ab",
        "Domainname": "",
        "User": "",
        "AttachStdin": false,
        "AttachStdout": false,
        "AttachStderr": false,
        "ExposedPorts": {
            "6379/tcp": {}
        "PublishService": "",
        "Tty": false,
        "OpenStdin": false,
        "StdinOnce": false,
        "Env": [
        "Cmd": [
        "Image": "redis",
        "Volumes": {
            "/data": {}
        "VolumeDriver": "",
        "WorkingDir": "/data",
        "Entrypoint": [
        "NetworkDisabled": false,
        "MacAddress": "",
        "OnBuild": null,
        "Labels": {}

Am I missing something here?

  • Note: The host is Mac OS X – selflearner Oct 4 '15 at 5:10

make sure the port 6379 on the host is forwarded to port 6379 on docker.
use -p 6379:6379 to fixed the problem:

docker run -d --name redisDev -p 6379:6379 redis

The VM has it's own IP so I was able to connect by binding to and then connecting as below.

0c4de9a25467:redis-stable electron$ ./src/redis-cli -h> 
  • How did you find VM's IP? – jaycode Nov 30 '15 at 18:00
  • 1
    @jaycode typically you can find the IP via docker-machine ip default or see the full list with docker-machine ls – Cameron Mar 31 '16 at 15:48

docker run -p 6379:6379 -host --name webmonitor-redis -d redis

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