I have two arrays

let toBeFiltered = ["star0", "star2", "star1", "star0", "star3", "star4"]
let theFilter = ["star1", "star3"]

How to filter the first array using the second array? Actually the theFilter can be changed dynamically, e.g,

let theFilter = ["star2"]
or maybe
let theFilter = ["star0", "star4", "star2"]

Thanks for your help :)

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Use Set Operations


Read more: https://developer.apple.com/library/content/documentation/Swift/Conceptual/Swift_Programming_Language/CollectionTypes.html

  • Fantastic explanation! I had been using Set and NSCountedSet, but this seems like it'll do a lot of the same stuff with fewer lines of code. – Adrian Feb 14 '17 at 21:54

You can also filter Struct array as well

struct myStruct
          var userid:String;
          var details:String;
          init() {
            userid = "default value";
            details = "default";

    var f1 = myStruct();
    f1.userid = "1";
    f1.details = "Good boy";

    var f2 = myStruct();
    f2.userid = "2";
    f2.details = "Bad boy";

    var f3 = myStruct();
    f3.userid = "3";
    f3.details = "Gentleman";

    var arrNames1:Array = [f1,f3];

    var arrNames2:Array = [f3,f1,f2];

    let filteredArrayStruct =  arrNames1.filter( { (user: myStruct) -> Bool in
      return arrNames2.contains({ (user1: myStruct) -> Bool in
        return user.userid == user1.userid;

For Set you must conforms the Hashable protocol

class mytestclass: Hashable
  var userid:Int ;
  var details:String;

  var hashValue: Int {
    return self.userid
  init(userid: Int, details:String)
  self.userid = userid;
  self.details = details;
func ==(lhs: mytestclass, rhs: mytestclass) -> Bool {
  return lhs.userid == rhs.userid

var t1 = mytestclass(userid: 1,details: "Good boy");

var t2 = mytestclass(userid: 2,details: "bad boy");

var t3 = mytestclass(userid: 3,details: "gentle man");

var classArrayNames:Set<mytestclass> = [t1,t2];

var classArrayNames2:Set<mytestclass> = [t3,t1,t2];

 let result =  Set(classArrayNames).intersect(classArrayNames2)

this seems to be a theme today :) building on another great answer, I would suggest using the intersect(_:) method on a Set:

let toBeFiltered = ["star0", "star2", "star1", "star0", "star3", "star4"]
let theFilter = ["star1", "star3"]
let filtered = Set(toBeFiltered).intersect(theFilter)

// => ["star1", "star3"] of type Set<String>

// ...if you actually need an array, you can get one using Array(filtered)
let toBeFiltered = ["star0", "star2", "star1", "star0", "star3", "star4"]
let theFilter = ["star1", "star3"]

let filtered = toBeFiltered.filter { theFilter.contains($0) }
  • this is nice But how can I get the index of filter to filter another array base on this array ? – Saeed Rahmatolahi Jul 31 at 7:37
  • 1
    Try something like this let array = [1, 3, 8, 6, 4, 3] let filtered = toBeFiltered.enumerated().filter { $0.offset == $0.element }.map { $0.element } – xcocoader Jul 31 at 8:25
  • thanks man this is what I wanted to do – Saeed Rahmatolahi Jul 31 at 8:51

While using Sets as proposed by Arsen is definitly most elegant, sometimes you want to keep duplicates and order:

//: Playground - noun: a place where people can play

import Foundation

extension Collection where Element: Equatable {

    func intersection(with filter: [Element]) -> [Element] {
        return self.filter { element in filter.contains { element == $0 } }


let toBeFiltered = ["star0", "star2", "star1", "star0", "star3", "star4", "star1"]
let theFilter = ["star1", "star3"]

let filtered = toBeFiltered.intersection(with: theFilter) // ["star1", "star3", "star1"]

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