There is a "nameof" operator in C# 6 ( https://msdn.microsoft.com/library/dn986596.aspx ). Does D have an analogue? Or some construct to emulate it?


I believe stringof functions much in the same way. For example, a D analog to the first C# example at that link is:

void f(string s) {
  if (s == null) throw new Exception(s.stringof ~ " is null!");

There is also std.traits.fullyQualifiedName. It does what it says on the can:

module mymodule;

import std.traits : fullyQualifiedName;

class MyClass { int myvar; }

pragma(msg, MyClass.myvar.stringof); // myvar
pragma(msg, fullyQualifiedName!(MyClass.myvar)); // mymodule.MyClass.myvar

As the first link points out, fullyQualifiedName may be more appropriate for compile-time code generation, where it helps to be as specific as possible to avoid clashing with local symbols.

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