I have pulled postgres image with docker pull postgres. I have also tried to run image from https://docs.docker.com/examples/postgresql_service/

I run them with -p 5432:5432 option, but could not connect with pgAdmin. It gave me timeout when I tried to connect via localhost:5432. Examples I found on the internet say just use -p. I did, and it does not work. Also security settings at least from example above are very permissive. Any suggestions?

  • forgot to mention that I have been working under OS X – Alua K Oct 4 '15 at 22:54

Depending on how you ran Docker, this is not likely to work. The Docker Daemon runs in a virtual machine on OS X, which means you actually need to connect to that IP address (rather than localhost). To find that IP address, type the following:

docker-machine ip default

The IP you get back will tell you the IP to connect to.

  • thank you, your solution works for me! before I was trying to get it through docker inspect 85e44387c718 with no luck – Alua K Oct 4 '15 at 23:04

Examples I followed work for Linux, but don't work for OS X. When you connect to postgres from OS X, you don't use 'localhost:5432', but IP:5432. The right IP you can find fromContainer in Kinematic

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