Laravel and Lumen provide a Queueing mechanism for queueing tasks that take more processing so that the performance of web-app is not affected during busy times.

But when using 3rd party Emailing service like SendGrid, Gmail.

Should I queue Email Sending through 3rd party? I don't know whether it'd take as much processing on my Laravel Web-App as self-hosted Email Sending does?


It totally depends on situation. Suppose you need to verify a user's email address so the verification email should be send in real time. Now another situation, you have to send a newsletter, so you can send it any time. So it totally depends on the importance of the email.

Here can read about different email types, https://www.mailjet.com/docs/email_types

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  • Say its a newsletter which I can send at any time using 3rd party Email service. Does queueing here would benefit? – eMad Oct 6 '15 at 1:23

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