I am using ActiveDataProvider to return paginated results which mostly works fine. But when if there are (for example) 5 pages and the request asks for any pages above 5, the result set is page 5 when I would expect no records at all.

Is this expected behaviour? If not what can I try to fix it?

Example code:

return new \yii\data\ActiveDataProvider([
       'query' => $query,
       'pagination' => [
           'pageSize' => $perPage,
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Short answer: this is the expected behavior.

If you're interested, Pagination class has this validatePage attribute that by default is true. If page validation is on, then you'll get page set to last page if it's greater than that.

You can set this parameter to false, and then most likely you'll get zero results in your grid.

  • Thanks Beowulfenator. That solved it. – Dubby Oct 7 '15 at 5:51

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