I am trying to use the DirectionalLightHelper when my directional light is attached to the camera. I am attaching the light to the camera in order to simulate the scene spinning when using the TrackballControls.

var directionalLight = new THREE.DirectionalLight( 0xffffff, 1.5 ); 
directionalLight.position.set( 100, 100, 0 ); 

camera.add( directionalLight );

directionalLightHelper = new THREE.DirectionalLightHelper(directionalLight, 50); 
camera.add( directionalLightHelper); 

However, this doesn't give me the expected results. If I move the camera around a bit using the TrackballControls I do eventually 'find' the light plane and target line rendered by the helper but they are not in the correct place. I would expect the plane to be centered at 0,0,0 facing the light source and the the line to be going from 100,100,0 through 0,0,0. Am I misunderstanding something here or is there something more I need to do when using the helper with the light attached to the camera?


Just add the light helper to the scene, rather than to the camera.

  • This still doesn't do it for me. The light plane is now much larger but is still floating around somewhere, seemingly randomly. The only thing I have found that seems to put everything in the correct place is to comment out the following line in DirectionalLightHelper.js: this.matrix = light.matrixWorld; Not sure why this should be the case though?
    – mark
    Oct 5 '15 at 22:29

Make sure that the light is follow the camera coordinates, not the world ones.

  • could be a comment.
    – Robert
    Mar 27 '17 at 8:45

I also ran into this problem when attaching the directionalLight to the camera. Instead of also attaching my directionalLightHelper to the camera, I had to attach it to the scene.


Then I had to add the following to my render loop to properly update the helper as my light changed position.



codepen of broken helper https://codepen.io/briantjacobs/pen/dRNJpw
codepen of working helper https://codepen.io/briantjacobs/pen/VWProE

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