Is it possible to parse Java files that are external to the eclipse environment? I have only realised operations related to obtaining an AST(s) from Eclipse file (or projects).

Does the current version of Rascal support Java 8?


Yes to the first question:

  • you could use lang::java::m3::Core::createM3FromDirectory, or read its definition and make your own version.
  • this code uses setEnvironmentOptions to the JDT's Java compiler for controlling the classpath and the sourcepath of the compiler.
  • there is no dependency on Eclipse as a whole

To the second question:

  • No: the current stable release is pre Java 8
  • Yes: the current unstable release should work for Java 8. There are no specific tests for this yet, so you may be in for some early adopter surprises.
  • I never heard of Rascal till today (used Xtext in the past). Looks interesting. – Adam Gent Oct 6 '15 at 12:53

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