How can I get a list of Amortization Templates from the NetSuite SuiteTalk web service using C#?

Background: I have been asked to present a list of Amortization Templates so that a user may pick a template to associate with an item purchased or expense.

The list I am attempting to return can be found in NetSuite's UI by navigating to: Lists | Accounting | Amortization Templates.

I am struggling how to determine the correct SuiteTalk Search type and Class. I have been looking through the classes generated from the WSDL and the only thing that seems close is the RevRecTemplate (which doesn't seem correct).

My questions are: Can you retrieved Amortization Templates (name and internalId) using NetSuite SuiteTalk? If so, what is the Class and SearchType to use?

Things I have tried: I created a "test" amortization schedule using NetSuite's UI. Then attempted to use the following code to retrieve the template.

    // Define the search criteria        
    RevRecTemplateSearchBasic searchAmortizationSchedules = new RevRecTemplateSearchBasic();                
    searchAmortizationSchedules.name = new SearchStringField();
    searchAmortizationSchedules.name.@operator = SearchStringFieldOperator.notEmpty;
    searchAmortizationSchedules.name.operatorSpecified = true;

    // Perform Search
    SearchResult searchResults = NS.search(searchAmortizationSchedules);

Any guidance would be appreciated.


According to NetSuite Support, it is not possible to return a list of Amortization Templates from the SuiteTalk web service. We are using the NetSuite 2015_1 version of the web service.

NetSuite Support added this feature as an enhancement request. It may be available in later versions.

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