I need to find the number of polygons of a mesh. Unfortunately, the engine I use (Flare3D) doesn't seem to have such a property. In fact, each Mesh is simply consisted of Surfaces which have the badly documented following properties:

numTriangles (=-1?)
polys (=null?)

I tried some combinations, e.g.

    for each (var mesh:Mesh3D in meshes) {
        for each (var surface:Surface3D in mesh.surfaces) {
            tris += surface.vertexVector.length;

and tris/24 seems to give the correct number of triangles but NOT for every model I tested...


numTriangles seems to be filled with the correct number of triangles after rendering is performed, but:

  • It's render-based, I would like to find out without interfering with any rendering at all
  • It reports number of triangles; the mesh may be consisted of quads and/or triangles!
  • Maybe property polys holds list of surface polygons. Polygon has number_of_vertices-2 triangles. – Ante Oct 6 '15 at 17:26
  • @Ante Unfortunately polys vector is always null... – Bill Kotsias Oct 6 '15 at 19:52

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