I had an application in Qt widget works fine which is read chm file and explore the home page of chm file and view with QWebView in desktop. However I went make same application for Android device, but QWebView widget didn't work as it give unknown model. So I used the Qt example of QML mini browser, but I faced another problem: couldn't find set network access manger which allow me to read chm file.

My question is I supposed how to use qml QWebView to read chm file through network access manger ?

here my simple example:


EBook * new_ebook = EBook::loadFile( fileName );// chm new object
m_ebookFile = new_ebook;
webView->page()->setNetworkAccessManager(new KCHMNetworkAccessManager( this));

My qustion is how to use setNetworkAccessManager in QML webview?

  • Why don't you use punctuation marks (like "." and "?") to split you text on sentences? It is really hard to read your text. I am not sure that someone want to answer if you don't want to make your question accurate enough. – Ilya Oct 6 '15 at 15:21
  • well do that thanks – Jomart Mirza Oct 6 '15 at 15:24

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