I connected iPhone to mac and I enabled Web Inspector in iPhone advanced settings, able to see the page in mac safari but not able to inspect any element and its style in safari. I am not seeing the elements panel or style panel.

Could anyone help me to find those panels to debug the styles, which i applied to page elements which I am testing in iPhone. I am able to see those panels in debugging the desktop safari pages. see the screenshotenter image description here

Thanks in advance for any help.


From web inspector select any html element. Now in device it will be highlighted with blue color. The top right corner having expand window to show style, Layers, Node tabs. Select Style and edit css. Refer link given in comment for complete details.enter image description here

  • I am not able to see the elements panel. that is my issue then how can i select using the debugger? – Mohamed Hussain Oct 7 '15 at 11:34
  • From your image, your arrow points to the web elements for safari web page and this is not for an mobile device. Check for the pop up window (web Inspector **-iphone ** ip). This window shows the html page of your iphone browser/webview. Select an html tag(DOM tree) from this page, this will select respective element in device. once done you can view the styles pane from top right corner of current source window. – Gobi M Oct 7 '15 at 11:47
  • Thanks for the help. I got the answer, see my answer below. – Mohamed Hussain Oct 7 '15 at 11:48

In Safari 11.1.2, when the 'Computed' tab is selected, you can get back up to the non-computed properties (the Style Attributes) level by clicking the arrow beside any of the computed properties. See, for example, the grey arrow next to the -webkit-border-horizontal-spacing property in my attached screenshot.

Safari Element Inspector Computed properties sidebar


The Answer is , need to select the DOM Tree from the dropdown as in the screenshot.enter image description here


This was incredibly frustrating for me too. It's the small sidebar icon small sidebar icon on the far top right, with elements tab open.





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