I am developing a Universal windows 10 app in which I need to integrate some payment gateways. I am getting an exception while interacting with the payment gateway. Exception is as follows:

The text associated with this error code could not be found. A redirect request will change a secure to a non-secure connection.

Surprisingly my Win 8.1 Desktop app (with same code) is working absolutely fine and I am able to communicate with the payment gateway.


The difference between Desktop Apps and Universal Apps must be a side-effect of recent .NET Native changes (read more).

The error (0x80072f08) means you are doing a HTTPS request that is responding with a redirection to a HTTP url.

You will need to turn off auto-redirections and do the redirection yourself.


HttpClientHandler handler = new HttpClientHandler();
handler.AllowAutoRedirect = false;
HttpClient client = new HttpClient(handler);

HttpResponseMessage response = await client.GetAsync(uri);

if (response.StatusCode == HttpStatusCode.Redirect ||
    response.StatusCode == HttpStatusCode.MovedPermanently)
    Uri redirectUri = response.Headers.Location;

    // TODO: Repeat request with redirectUri ...

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