In such a code:

var a = e.clientX;
var b = document.getElementById('someElement').style.left;
var z = a - b;

the output is NaN. Viewing the outputs separatly i see, that a is only numbers whereas b is numbers ending with 'px'. Setting it var a = e.clientX + 'px'; still doesnt work.


I thank you for your suggestions, but the best outcome is 0 with the Number() method (from the other methods the outcome is NaN). . . any ideas?

  • Subtracting a number and a string is gonna give you bad results, and subtracting two strings is no better. Tried something like parseInt(b) ? – user1499731 Oct 7 '15 at 18:56
  • 1
    should consider floating numbers, parseFloat is a better option – Alan Oct 7 '15 at 19:54
  • parseFloat = NaN – Toffer Oct 7 '15 at 20:26

The value of style.left should be a string. While you can add numbers to string via JavaScript's automatic type conversion, subtracting a number from a string will always result in NaN.

You need to first convert the string to a number. Here are two ways you can do that.

var b = Number(document.getElementById('someElement').style.left);

var b = parseInt(document.getElementById('someElement').style.left);
var a = parseInt(e.clientX, 10);
var b = parseInt(document.getElementById('someElement').style.left, 10);
var z = (a - b) + 'px';


b = parseFloat(document.getElementById('someElement').style.left)

Both the values need to be Number before doing subtract operation. The parseInt() function parses a string argument and returns an integer of the specified radix (the base in mathematical numeral systems).

var a = e.clientX;
var b = document.getElementById('someElement').style.left;
var z = a - parseInt(b);

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