I'm trying to left join multiple pandas dataframes on a single Id column, but when I attempt the merge I get warning:

KeyError: 'Id'.

I think it might be because my dataframes have offset columns resulting from a groupby statement, but I could very well be wrong. Either way I can't figure out how to "unstack" my dataframe column headers. None of the answers at this question seem to work.

My groupby code:

step1 = pd.DataFrame(step3.groupby(['Id', 'interestingtabsplittest2__grp'])['applications'].sum())
step1.sort('applications', ascending=False).head(3)


offset headers

How to get those offset headers into the top level?

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You're looking for .reset_index().

In [11]: df = pd.DataFrame([[2, 3], [5, 6]], pd.Index([1, 4], name="A"), columns=["B", "C"])

In [12]: df
   B  C
1  2  3
4  5  6

In [13]: df.reset_index()
   A  B  C
0  1  2  3
1  4  5  6

Note: That you can avoid this step by using as_index=False when doing the groupby.

step1 = step3.groupby(['Id', 'interestingtabsplittest2__grp'], as_index=False)['applications'].sum()
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    If you implemented agg function at the end of the group. The column group couldn't be flatten by as_index. I found the answer from this link. Hope it helps for some people like me. Dec 20, 2018 at 2:17
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    The solution that worked for me is df.reset_index(drop=True, inplace=True) The drop=True was the critical part.
    – Shane S
    Dec 8, 2021 at 19:29

The accepted answer doesn't work if you do multiple aggregation with .agg() or if you're grouping by multiple columns

You can instead drop the topmost level(s) and then reset the index.

df.droplevel(axis=1, level=0).reset_index()

Here, I have dropped only one level but you can pass an array instead as well:

df.droplevel(axis=1, level=[0,1]).reset_index()
  • best answer since it applies to multiple aggregation... thanks man Feb 25, 2022 at 17:30

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