I want to find out if an object is callable or not.

I know that type() would return <class 'method'>. But I don't know how I can check for that (e.g. with isinstance()).

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Use the builtin callable():

>>> callable(open)
>>> print(callable.__doc__)
callable(object) -> bool

Return whether the object is callable (i.e., some kind of function).
Note that classes are callable, as are instances with a __call__() method.

It's a great investment making an effort to master at least 90% of the builtin functions listed here: https://docs.python.org/3/library/functions.html


If you must use isinstance, you may check against Callable (Python ≥ 3.5):

from typing import Callable
obj = lambda x: x + 1
isinstance(obj, Callable)
>>> True
obj = 42
isinstance(obj, Callable)
>>> False

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