I am using Codeception with PhantomJS and WebDriver, Selenium Server Standalone.

I defined the locators with ids, classes and works perfectly, but after I add the window_size param (even if it's 'maximize' or 1024x768) in the acceptance.suite.yml, the test will fail.

Workaround: Instead of a simple id or class locator, I have to copy and paste the Unique Locator using the option Inspect Element from Firefox. That wouldn't be a big problem but it's not readable and it's a little too big.

The error displayed is:


Scenario Steps:

  1. $I->waitForElementVisible("#email")
  2. $I->moveMouseOver(".login","Autentificare")
  3. $I->amOnPage("/")

1 Codeception\Module\WebDriver->waitForElementVisible

2 /home/laurentiu/PhpstormProjects/codeception/tests/_support/_generated/AcceptanceTesterActions.php:2109

3 /home/laurentiu/PhpstormProjects/codeception/tests/acceptance/dentstoreCest.php:32

4 dentstoreCest->TC_Login_2

5 /home/laurentiu/PhpstormProjects/codeception/codecept.phar:7

My acceptance.suite.yml is:

class_name: AcceptanceTester


- WebDriver
- \Helper\Acceptance


      browser: phantomjs
      url: "http://example.org"
      window_size: 'maximize'

The type of the acceptance test is CEST:

public function TC_Login_2(AcceptanceTester $I)


    $I->wantTo('login filling only the email field and the email adress is not registered');


    $I->moveMouseOver(".login", 'Autentificare');


    $I->fillField("#email", 'asd000000@g.com'); 


    $I->see('Parola este obligatorie', '.alert.alert-danger'); }

I observed that this issue occurs only when using moveMouseOver and waitForElementVisible.


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