I am using ember-cli-sass

I want to define some sass variables depending on env variable.

my theme1.scss file

@if 'theme1' == process.env.THEME {
  $color-secondary: #eee;
  $color-primary: #ff0;

How can i send my env to the broccoli build process

and how can I access the env variables in sass script?

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after tracing the code back thru the ember-cli-sass module to the base broccoli-sass code i found that we can pass functions to sass in sassOptions.

var sass = require('node-sass');
var app = new EmberApp({

  sassOptions: {
    functions: {
      variable: function () {
        return new sass.types.String(process.env.VARIABLE);

and then we can use it as a method in sassScript

@if variable() == 'foo' {
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    I hope it will help someone. I browsed github searching what is variable 'sass' means, and that works for me: var sass = require(process.sass.getBinaryPath(true)); – akaravashkin Feb 9 '16 at 11:46

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