I have two files on HDFS and I just want to join these two files on a column say employee id.

I am trying to simply print the files to make sure we are reading that correctly from HDFS.

lines = sc.textFile("hdfs://ip:8020/emp.txt")
print lines.count()

I have tried foreach and println functions as well and I am not able to display file data. I am working in python and totally new to both python and spark as well.


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This is really easy just do a collect You must be sure that all the data fits the memory on your master

my_rdd = sc.parallelize(xrange(10000000))
print my_rdd.collect()

If that is not the case You must just take a sample by using take method.

# I use an exagerated number to remind you it is very large and won't fit the memory in your master so collect wouldn't work
my_rdd = sc.parallelize(xrange(100000000000000000))
print my_rdd.take(100)

Another example using .ipynb:

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