Just got this funny looking error in my swift project debugger.

There is probably an invalid name of an image somewhere, but I am not sure what extra chunks between iDOT and IDAT mean.

Do you have any idea what causes it?

  • when i think of invalid png, i had also an issue with it. The problem was, that i renamed a jpeg to png instead of converting it.... well stupid :D could that also happen to you?
    – Björn Ro
    Commented Oct 10, 2015 at 20:44

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Product > Clean Build Folder (with pressed Option) fixed it for me

Keyboard shortcut - Shift+Option+Command+K


This issue is completely random and happened to me too with a few images. Probably another Xcode bug.

  1. My image is called "[email protected]"
  2. I renamed it to "back2.png"
  3. Ran the project (the image will appear stretched)
  4. Changed it back to "[email protected]"
  5. Ran project
  6. FIXED?!

Good-luck hope it helps!

  • Don't really remember what fixed the error. I think I just played around with image files or names like you did.
    – potato
    Commented Nov 10, 2015 at 19:40

In XCode 8, I cleaned the project (Product->Clean). Then quit XCode. Open it again. Then it works. I haven't changed name of the image. I guess it is just because XCode has some problem. Nothing is wrong with your code.


I just delete all images which have problem to appear and after load again the same images and work perfectly.

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