django-socialregistration or django-SocialAuth?

For my new project, I'm thinking of having signups only through Facebook (and possibly Twitter). Don't care about OpenID, hence this question doesn't answer my concern: What's the best solution for OpenID with Django?

Both these apps seem appropriate, but what's the experience been like with anyone who has used these? Which one has more activity behind it?


I picked django-socialregistration on a whim and got some help from flashingpumpkin in #django about the latest version (there's a recent version on github now).

I installed it yesterday in our django app and got integration with Twitter working without too much trouble. I couldn't try out Facebook because developer.facebook.com was having hiccups and couldn't give me my keys.

So far it looks good and simple enough but I'm not sure yet if it'll have the features beyond social registration that we're looking for, but judging from the code that may not be too hard to add.

  • For developer.facebook.com make sure you end your domain with a '/' cause that tends to throw an error. I decided to go with d-sr as well, but having issues with the facebook auth since they switched from py-facebook to facebook-python-sdk – 828 Jul 24 '10 at 18:49
  • i assume that you registered your app on facbook now. Are you happy about socialregistration? Doeis it works fine with openid? – Mermoz Sep 20 '10 at 10:30
  • We finally went for integration with just Twitter which worked nicely with just some small domain specific tweaks for our models. Haven't tried Facebook or openid, but I'd say just try, Twitter was really smooth. – Alper Oct 13 '10 at 20:59

Just to contribute, I've found django-allauth to be a great tool for handling normal and social registration and authentication. It supports almost avery oAuth provider. Here is a slide that supports it, explains pros and cons and compare it with others, and here is a review of 4 social auth django plugins (including django-allauth). Hope it helps!

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