During a proof, I come to a situation where the current goal/subgoal turned out to be useful in a later stage of the same theorem.

Is there a tactic to "save" the current goal as a lemma as if the current goal is asserted?

Of course, I can copy&paste to assert the goal explicitly, or write a separate Lemma before the current theorem. But I am just curious if shortcuts exist.



To my knowledge, there is no such feature in Coq, and neither CoqIDE nor ProofGeneral seems to provide one.


If you are using Proof General, you can install a company-coq extension which provides this functionality. It is bound the C-c C-a C-x key sequence.


Leaving this answer for future reference.

I don't know since when it exists, but maybe the abstract tactic could help. It allows you to name a part of the proof and re-use it later, even if you are in a different sub-goal.

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