I have an iOS app which needs access to the Contacts picker view controller in order to allow the user to select a contact property such as email address/ telephone numbers of imessage email addresses.

The problem I am having right now, is that I can't figure out how to parse the returned data. I have made use of the contactPicker didSelectContactProperty method, but I am unable to parse the data I need.

-(void)contactPicker:(CNContactPickerViewController *)picker didSelectContactProperty:(CNContactProperty *)contactProperty {

   CNLabeledValue *test = contactProperty.contact.emailAddresses.firstObject;
   NSLog(@"%@", test);

   NSLog(@"%@", contactProperty.contact.phoneNumbers);

If you run the above code you get the following response:

2015-10-11 13:30:07.059 Actions[516:212765] <CNLabeledValue: 0x13656d090: identifier=21F2B1B2-8158-466B-9224-E2036CA07D28, label=_$!<Other>!$_, value=News_Europe@iEUNS.com> 2015-10-11 13:30:07.061 App_Name[516:212765] (
    "<CNLabeledValue: 0x13672a500: identifier=6697A0E9-3B91-4566-B26E-83B87979F816, label=_$!<Main>!$_, value=<CNPhoneNumber: 0x13672a660: countryCode=gb, digits=08000391010>>" )

Thats great, but how do I extract the data I need from it? Why are the NSLog statements returning the data in a weird format?

Thanks for your time, Dan.


The returned values are of the CNLabeledValue class. In order to get the value from them, for, say, the emails, do this

CNLabeledValue *emailValue = contactProperty.contact.emailAddresses.firstObject;
NSString *emailString = email.value;

If the value you wanted a phone number, this is how you would retrieve that

CNLabeledValue *phoneNumberValue = contactProperty.contact.phoneNumbers.firstObject;
CNPhoneNumber *phoneNumber = phoneNumberValue.value;
NSString *phoneNumberString = phoneNumber.stringValue;

Because the returned value is a CNLabeledValue, you are also able to retrieve the phone number or email's label

NSString *emailLabel = emailValue.label; //This may be 'Work', 'Home', etc.
NSString *phoneNumberLabel = phoneNumberValue.label;
  • Ah right I see. Thanks so much. I have just upgraded from using the older AddressBook framework, so I was struggling with this. Thanks again :) – Supertecnoboff Oct 11 '15 at 13:08
  • 1
    Just one question, I am expecting the user to select either an email address of a telephone number. How can I check what they have selected? – Supertecnoboff Oct 11 '15 at 13:29
  • 2
    I think that that information would be stored in contactProperty.value, contactProperty.label, contactProperty.key, etc. I would test each of those and see what it outputs, as I've never used this before personally. – Chris Loonam Oct 11 '15 at 13:34
  • Awesome, contactProperty.key works perfectly. Thanks Chris :) – Supertecnoboff Oct 11 '15 at 13:39
  • 1
    To get properly localized labels instead of strings like "$!<Home>!$", use this code: [CNLabeledValue localizedStringForLabel:[phoneNumberValue label]]; – lifjoy Nov 16 '16 at 22:20

For swift 3.0 :

 public func contactPicker(_ picker: CNContactPickerViewController, didSelect contact: CNContact)
      if let emailValue : CNLabeledValue = contact.emailAddresses.first
        txtEmail.text = emailValue.value as String
    if let phoneNumber : CNLabeledValue = contact.phoneNumbers.first
        txtMobno.text = phoneNumber.value.stringValue
     txtFname.text = contact.givenName + " " + contact.familyName

Here is swift version of Chris answer :

 func fatchContacts(store : CNContactStore)  {
    let groups = try store.groups(matching: nil)
    let predicate =  CNContact.predicateForContactsInGroup(withIdentifier: groups[0].identifier)
    //let predicate = CNContact.predicateForContactsMatchingName("John")
        let keyToFatch = [CNContactFormatter.descriptorForRequiredKeys(for: .fullName ) ,CNContactEmailAddressesKey] as [Any]
    let contacts = try store.unifiedContacts(matching: predicate, keysToFetch: keyToFatch as! [CNKeyDescriptor])            //------------------------------------------------------
   //-------------Get Here-----------------------------------------
        let formatter = CNContactFormatter ()
        print(formatter.string(from: contacts[0]))
        let emailValue : CNLabeledValue = contacts[0].emailAddresses.first!;
        let  email = emailValue.value



Just pass the CNContactStore object        

Unfortunately Chris' answer tells you how to get the value from the CNLabeledValue object that is returned, but it doesn't tell you how to identify what CNLabeledValue was selected based on the contactProperty parameter the function features.

What you need to do is cycle through each of the contact's email addresses and check if it's identifier matches up with the selected contactProperty identifier. Use the following code inside the didSelectContactProperty function:

NSString *selectedEmail;

for (CNLabeledValue<NSString*>* email in contactProperty.contact.emailAddresses) {
    if ([email.identifier isEqualToString:contactProperty.identifier]) {
            selectedEmail = (NSString *)email.value;

Note I have only tested this code with postal addresses, so it may require some further tweaking to work with email addresses.

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