I found this older post which faces the same problem: How to mock a QML component

Unfortunately, there's no solution. To recap the problem: I have a QML TestCase which imports a module. But this module relies on a root context property which normally would be added in the main.cpp. Since this is a TestCase, I have no influence on how the QQmlApplicationEngine starts up.

How can I add the missing context property?



In Qt 5.11, there is a new chapter in Qml UnitTesting. See chapter Executing C++ Before QML Tests.

Previous answer:

You can get the instance of QQmlEngine by passing QML item to C++ side, where you can use method qmlEngine.

So, you are able to set context property by calling

qmlEngine(passedQmlItem)->rootContext()->setContextProperty("propertyName", propertyValue);

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