currently in eclipse if i want to generate a constructor or getters/setters i go the class name right click on that ->source->access the right Generation option


while in the android studio we have a convenient and fast shortcut to do that i just need to press CMD+N anywhere in the page to open the generate dialog

android studio

is there an eclipse shortcut available that is equivalent to that ?

  • just type Alt+s then type c for constructor, r for set/get s for toString etc. – Rustam Oct 12 '15 at 8:16

Press Alt+s then type c for constructor, r for set/get s for toStringetc..

  • thanks, i know that it is not exactly the same as i wanted but opening the source menu using the short cut is the fastest way; in case of mac you will need to press alt + cmd + s to enable the menu, the c,r,s that you mentioned after that doesn't work. i will add this as a separate answer for anyway one looking for the MAC short cut – A.Alqadomi Oct 12 '15 at 14:54

You can go to Windows -> Preferences -> General -> Keys to map this action to a shortcut of choice.

This is how to do it:

enter image description here


There isn't one by default, but if you wish you can modify the mappings and add a shortcut. You can do this by going to window->preferences->general->keys

  1. Go in window -> preferences -> general -> keys

  2. Type generate in the search bar.

  3. Find Generate Getters and Setters

  4. Click on the binding field and hit your custom shortcut (here : Ctrl + Alt + Shift + S).

enter image description here


Go to Windows -> Preferences -> General -> Keys or you can take the list of shortcut in this site 25 Eclipse Shortcut Keys


You can also use the quick fix : Ctrl + 1.

When you have an error, it allows you to resolve this error. and when the cursor is on a variable, it allows you to generate getter and setter.

enter image description here

If you want an empty construtor, just type Ctrl + space somewhere in your class.

enter image description here


Short answer: no.

But google shows a number of pages on how to do it, e.g. https://wiki.eclipse.org/FAQ_How_do_I_provide_a_keyboard_shortcut_for_my_action%3F

A lateral solution, but you may be interested to check out Project Lombok (I don't use it myself at the moment.)


As I remember ,alt + insert do this.


The answer by @Rustam put me on the right path.

but since his answer is based on windows version of eclipse and I am using mac i was unable to confirm it .

i added this answer to provide additional data for any one using the MAC version of eclipse

ALT + CMD + S will bring the source menu after that you can select the correct generation option

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