I'm using HWIOAuthBundle for users to log in with their social account. And once a user is logged in it's logged out after 30 minutes or so.

Any idea how to disable that so they stay logged in forever?

  • for me the solution was in security.yml security: firewalls: main: remember_me: key: %secret% lifetime: 31536000 # 365 days in seconds – Florin Birgu May 26 '16 at 16:54

Set the cookie_lifetime in your configuration:

# app/config/config.yml
        #lifetime in seconds
        cookie_lifetime: 3600

See Framework configuration for more info. If you want to keep your users permanently logged, you may also want to look at implementing a "remember me" functionality, see here for more info


Use remember_me from your firewall or just add cookie_lifetime to 1 year, depends of your design pattern

            lifetime: 31536000 #1 year 

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