In one of my website i am using the NicEdit javascript editor. In my editor i couldn't go the next line by pressing enter key. I can type only in single line..is this problem with textarea or NicEdit. I am converting all the textarea to replace with NicEdit.



I just ran into the exact same problem with nicEdit.

Not sure why, but the problem seems to happen only when the editor is added to a text area within a list.

If I put the textarea in a list like this:

    <textarea />

Then the enter key stops working.

If I change the markup to some div tags for instance then the enter key starts working ok.

Note: I tried explicitly specifying a display:block style on the list - thought that might be the problem - but that didn't resolve anything. Add to get rid of the ul/li tags and use divs..

hope this helps

EDIT: This botsko article mentions the same problem, and there's an unresolved bug filed for it

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For the best practice, nicEdit must be put inside a div directly, Don't know the reason, but it seams to be, and without this div wrapper, it didn't work for ie at the first place...

Try to put it inside a DIV wrapper, and i Hope this works

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