I have a common control for grid and scroll is working fine in all browser but Scroll in not working on IE 10/11 (using mouse wheel scroll) with the visualization in Kendo UI grid.

Code snippet is as :--

dataList.kendoGrid({ name: "BaseGrid", dataBound: self.handleDataBoundEventHandler, dataBinding: self.options.dataBindingEventHandler, editable: self.options.editable, beforeEdit: self.options.beforeEdit, edit: self.options.edit, editCell: self.options.editCell, batch: this.batch, navigatable: self.options.navigatable || true, init: self.options.initialize, dataSource: { type: "json", group: self.options.group, transport: transportOptions, serverPaging: serverPaging, serverSorting: serverSorting, serverFiltering: serverFiltering, pageSize: self.pageSize, schema: { model: self.options.model, data: function (response) { if (self.options.jsonData) { response.dataList = self.options.jsonData; } response = self.handleOnSuccess(response);


                        if (self.options.isDynamicColumnsAvailable) {
                            self.trigger("configureColumnDataFetched", response.dataList);
                        if (self.options.collection) {
                        return response.dataList;
                    total: function (response) {
                        return response.totalRecords;
                change: function (e) {
                    // Changing sort icon on sort change
                    if (self.options.changeEventHandler) {
                requestStart: function (e) {
                    if (self.options.requestStart) {
                sort: self.options.userPreferenceSort || self.options.defaultSort
            sortable: self.options.sortable,
            selectable: self.options.selectable,
            filterable: self.options.filterable,
            scrollable: {
                virtual: _.isUndefined(self.options.virtualScrollable) ? true : self.options.virtualScrollable
            reorderable: self.options.reorderable,
            resizable: self.options.resizable,
            columnReorder: function (e) {
                // Update the User preference model with new sequence no
                setTimeout(function () {
                }, 5);
            columnResize: function (e) {
                // Update the User preference model with new width of column
                self.updateUserPreference(e.column.preferenceColumnName, "resize", e.newWidth);
            enableSwipe: true,
            columns: this.getGridColumns()

If any one have any solution please let me know.

  • did you find any solution? – Rajdeep Oct 5 '16 at 9:06

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