If I want to cache say 2 ids in a session variable for each user and there will be a possibility of thoussands or more users online at once, will this effect my performance of the site?

  • if you're thinking about thousands of users, then use a Server Cache (like memcache or couchbase, or even Amazon/Azure Cache systems) as you will not only use it to save the user session id, but also the data from the db... – balexandre Oct 12 '15 at 19:37

From a memory perspective that is 2 integers (8 bytes) with 50,000 active users. That is only 400KB. From a speed perspective, the session is a hash table with fast lookup. You will spend more time doing actual work than ASP.net will spend retrieving the session.


If the session state mode is InProc than there should be no negligible impact to performance. You will notice an impact to performance if you are using a session state mode of StateServer or SQLServer due to to the creation of network requests to retrieve the ids from the remote state server or sql server.

  • that was my big concern! So I guess it's better to hold the ids in session then fetch them from db tables? My main search page will need to know these ids and I don't want to have to fetch 2 ids from 2 tables every time the main page is searched. – user1186050 Oct 12 '15 at 19:33

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