Right now I'm trying to build some code to handle lists over 100 items, as returned by the Amazon API endpoints. This requires building page-support into our data-gathering routines. This is my first time doing much with coffeescript, so I'm running into some conceptual walls here.

In a less async language, what I'm trying to do would be handleable using an until loop:

puts "Fetching launch configs"
next_token = ''
  if next_token.length > 0
    page_list = get_autoscale_configs(next_token)
    page_list = get_autoscale_configs
  if page_list.NextToken is undefined
    next_token = ''
    next_token = page_list.NextToken
until(next_token.length == 0)

The method of doing this in coffeescript is eluding me. What I have now...

populate_configs = ( ) ->
  process_results = ( err data ) ->
    if err
      return err
    # do some logic
    if data.NextToken
      saved.next_token = data.NextToken
      saved.next_token = ''
    return console.log "Finished parsing #{data.LaunchConfigurations.length} items."
  if saved.next_token = ''
    autoscaling.describeLaunchConfigurations {
      MaxRecords: 100, StartToken: next_token
    }, ( err, data ) -> process_results( err, data )
    autoscaling.describeLaunchConfigurations {
      MaxRecords: 100
    }, ( err, data ) -> process_results( err, data )

And then in the body of the code, this function is invoked:

saved = {}
async.series [ 
  ( series_cb ) ->
    saved.next_token = ''
     async.doWhilst populate_configs,
       saved.next_token.length > 4,
       ( err ) ->
         if err
           # complain about it.
         # else, log success
         return series_cb()
  # more callbacks

The idea here being that populate_configs is called by doWhilst, which then fetches a list of launch_configs out of amazon. The data is then passed into another function called process_results, which persists things that should be persisted and sets variables for next_token. It returns, and doWhilst tests to see if the test is passing (the string-length of saved.next_token is long enough to be data); if it passes, it runs through populate_configs again, if it fails, it runs the third callback.

What I'm getting right now is that the first iteration of that populate_configs block is executed, but then the entire execution stops dead at that point. None of the calls in the error-handler of doWhilst are being executed.

Clearly, I'm misunderstanding how callbacks work and how to get myself out of this hole. This part needs to be synchronous. Once I have this list built, I can do all sorts of async fun with the list I'm building. But I need the list first.


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I think the issue is here: if saved.next_token = ''. You set next_token to '' so populate_configs runs only once. The comparaison is done with == or is in CoffeeScript.

Also, ( err, data ) -> process_results( err, data ) can be replaced by process_results.

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