Whenever I run grunt jade I get an error:

Warning: pattern.indexOf is not a function Use --force to continue.

Now here is my jade task:

    jade: {
        options: {
            pretty: true
        all: {
            files: {
                cwd: 'src/static/jade',
                ext: "html",
                src: ['src/static/jade/**/*.jade', '!src/static/jade/_includes'],
                dest: 'build/'

So basically I am trying to take the jade files in src/static/jade (including subdirs, except _include) and put them in build, keeping the directory structure. I have tryed commenting the expand line, however it gives me:

 Warning: Unable to read "src/static/jade" file (Error code: EISDIR). Use --force to continue.

Perhaps I am going about this the wrong way. How should I fix this?

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Your initial issues is that files should be an array of objects, not just an object: files: [{...}].

But then you have other troubles with your file definition:

  • if you specify cwd, your src should not repeat it
  • your ext needs a starting .
  • your ! pattern needs to specify files instead of a dir

So you need:

files: [{
       cwd: 'src/static/jade/',
       ext: ".html",
       src: ['**/*.jade', '!_includes/**/*.jade'],
       dest: 'build/'
  • The array thing was my issue. I just added the ext and cwd options to attempt to fix the error. Thnx! Oct 13, 2015 at 13:47

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