I have equation in .docx file is

enter image description here

when I save word file to .odt this equation becomes

enter image description here

how can avoid this inverse question mark?

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The solution: Edit the equation and type double quotes ("") after equality sign.

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    thnx epaminondas but is there any setting provided by libre for avoid this Oct 14, 2015 at 14:12

To summarize: You have an equation in a DOCX file created by something. If this something is MS Word, then the file itself is probably correct and there is a bug in LO. Please test your document against the latest version of LO and if it still fails, file a bug report. Baring that, send me a simple document that demonstrates the problem and I will happily file the bug report for you after verifying that the problem still exists in the latest version of LO (they recently made some fixes to this part of LO).

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