I've been using google translate for some years, saving those words which I wasn't aware of.

Is there any way to get my stored words (the starred translation ones) from my account via any API? I'm already concerned about the possibility of exporting an excel file.

I couldn't find such method on the API's explorer:

language.detections.list Detect the language of text.

language.languages.list List the source/target languages supported by the API

language.translations.list Returns text translations from one language to another.

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If I understand correctly, you want an API that lets you query and get your "saved" translations, so your phrasebook?

If that's it, then the short answer is : no.

Although, I know for a fact that there is an opened feature request for just this feature here. To give it more traction, I'd suggest starring it as well. That'll also let you be notified of new posts on that thread.


You can export your vocabulary to Excel format. https://youtu.be/qsnrhF0HL_M

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