I just want to rename a remote git branch from ker to kernel.
Without knowing the correct procedure I just issued the following command to take a backup and created a new branch name ker-org. But I could n't delete this new ker-org branch.

git push origin ker:ker-org

 origin/HEAD -> origin/master

I am not a git expert, but when I tried the following

git branch -d origin/ker-org
error: branch 'origin/ker-org' not found.

Now, what have I done? how can I delete this new branch ker-org? How to revert the artifacts if any?

  • I am sorry missed line breaks here, origin/HEAD -> origin/master origin/demo origin/ker origin/ker-org
    – sniper
    Oct 14 '15 at 0:57

If you want to delete a remote git branch you need to use the :branchname syntax.

git push origin :ker-org
  • Why would you not prefer --delete?
    – user663031
    Oct 14 '15 at 3:09

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