So today I've been trying to try out a new project using Swift, but I've arrived to an abrupt halt. I've been trying to run the VideoCore sample project found here: https://github.com/jgh-/VideoCore/tree/823ec7cac50e5a0b4457bd06dd95a50dca88d9c0/sample/SampleBroadcaster-Swift.

So during the initial setup I had to navigate to the directory and run pod install. pod install executed without any errors, and say I need to close Xcode, and reopen the new workspace, which I did. When I try to go and run the app for debugging (as according to the documentation I can run it right after pod install'ing, I get an error that says 'type_half.inl' file not found. A few screenshots are here to better explain/show: http://d.pr/i/14TqW, and http://d.pr/i/1aYSi.

I've tried reinstalling the pod multiple times, and I haven't been able to resolve this issue. Has anyone had a situation like this, or have any idea on how to get out of this blackhole?



This has been resolved by downgrading CocoaPods to version 0.38.2. Here's what I did: gem install cocoapods -v 0.38.2 gem uninstall cocoapods -v 0.39.0

And that fixed my issues.

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Instead of downgrading CocoaPods to version 0.38.2. This error can be resolved in other way as I have fixed recently on of my project.

STEP 1:- Search Header Search Paths under build setting on GLM target or target that uses GLM pod like in my project VideoCore cocoapods uses GLM

STEP 2:- make it recursive instead of non-recursive.

Build again error will be fixed.

NOTE:- if you update cocoapods that you have to redo the steps again. Also target will be in pod project.

Attached image for referenceenter image description here.

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