If I have something like this <span>some<span>text</span></span> and I want to change outermost span tag to something else, and to change both the opening and the closing tag at the same time, how can I do that with the Atom editor? I know that cmd+d shortcut selects the same text forward but in this case it will select the inner span tags also which I want to avoid.

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With ctrl + (click in text) (or cmd + (click in text) on Mac) you can create multiple cursors. So you can add a second one to change both tags at once.

Thats the only method I know atm.

Edit: There is a shortcut ctrl + d or cmd + d which with you can mark same occurrences of the text.

There is also a package which does exactly what you want: https://github.com/dsandstrom/atom-double-tag


In early Alpha there is a new package (less than 24 days old at time of edit) which seems to have the requested functionality Double Tag

  • Just what I was looking for! May 16, 2017 at 6:27
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    By now there is a build in way in atom: Cmd + D, D. (press D twice) This will select the next occurrence and then you'll be able to edit both at the same time. Note: this only works when you are at the starting tag with the cursor.
    – rambii
    May 31, 2018 at 19:58

you can select both tags using:

Highlight the name of the opening tag Press Cmd+D to highlight the name of the closing tag Type in the replacement tag name

reagrds :)

  • Yes. And, there's no need to highlight: place the cursor at the beginning, into, or at the end of a word (any word, not just a tag name) and press Cmd+D to select the word. Continue pressing Cmd+D for selecting next instance(s) of the word. Then type to replace all of the selections with a new text.
    – Arta
    Oct 31, 2016 at 1:19
  • Editing opening and closing tags together with Cmd+D do not work when there is another (opening) tag with the same name between. (e.g. an outer DIV with another DIV inside does not work).
    – petzi
    Dec 25, 2018 at 19:15

Cmd+K deselects the current selection when followed by pressing Cmd+D.

So, your keyboard riff goes like this: hold Cmd and press D DK DK D.


It does not look like this is currently possible in Atom. Please refer to the following for more details:

If you're interested, you could take a stab at adding this functionality to the bracket-matcher package...

note: in early Alpha there is a new package (less than 24 days old at time of edit) which seems to have the requested functionality Double Tag


Double Tag package works great but you can also use the popular Emmet package which has a lot of other cool features for heavy html / web dev use cases.

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