The Android espresso is very useful for test case. But when I use IdlingResource there is some trouble.

I have a flag in my Activity, and I will set it to true when every initial complete.

So my IdlingResource is this:

 * 等待所有初始化工作完成
private class WaitPingSuccessIdlingResource implements IdlingResource {
    private ChoiceServerActivity choiceServerActivity;
    private ResourceCallback mResourceCallback;

    public WaitPingSuccessIdlingResource(ChoiceServerActivity choiceServerActivity) {
        this.choiceServerActivity = choiceServerActivity;

    public String getName() {
        return String.valueOf(hashCode());

    public boolean isIdleNow() {
        if (mResourceCallback != null && choiceServerActivity.isAllDataInited()) {
        boolean rst = choiceServerActivity.isAllDataInited();
        Log.i("tonghu","WaitPingSuccessIdlingResource, isIdleNow(L94): rst " + rst);
        return rst;

    public void registerIdleTransitionCallback(ResourceCallback callback) {
        this.mResourceCallback = callback;

And I register like this:

Espresso.registerIdlingResources(new WaitPingSuccessIdlingResource(activity));
Log.i("tonghu", "ChoiceServerActivityTest, testPingSuccess(L42): 2222");

In normally, the second log will print only when isIdleNow() return true.

But now my log is:

I/tonghu  (23470): WaitPingSuccessIdlingResource, isIdleNow(L94): rst false
I/tonghu  (23470): ChoiceServerActivityTest, testPingSuccess(L42): 2222

Why the second log can print when my IdlingResource wasn't idle.

My English is poor, any problem, please let me know! Thx!

EDITED: I have already solve this problem:

I see there is a comment on class IdlingResource:

In such cases, test authors can register the custom resource and 
{@link    Espresso} will wait for the resource to become idle prior 
to   executing a view operation.

So after register Idling resource, just give any a view action:

Espresso.registerIdlingResources(new  WaitPingSuccessIdlingResource(activity));
  • Check this library: – piotrek1543 Jan 17 '16 at 20:25
  • 1
    I had a similar problem. It's a bummer that IdlingResource will only wait for view actions, not all code. – tir38 Apr 19 '16 at 19:46
  • Also Cappuccino isn't going to help you there. IdlingResource still will only happen on view action – tir38 Apr 19 '16 at 19:51

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